Teaching & Supervision

Undergraduate Teaching

These days, my undergraduate teaching focuses mostly on supervising dissertations. I also teach the following English Literature papers at various colleges, particularly my own, Sidney Sussex College:

  • Practical Criticism & Critical Practice
  • English Literature 1870-present

Graduate Teaching

I teach on the following Master’s programmes at the University of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education:

Dissertation Supervision


I supervise undergraduate dissertations for the English Faculty, on twentieth- and twenty-first-century literature in English.


I supervise graduate dissertations for the MSt in AI Ethics and Society, and dissertations on the intersections of narrative and science.

Past Teaching

I have taught on the Interdisciplinary Summer and Winter Schools at the Institute of Continuing Education.

During my time at Oxford, I taught or co-taught the following courses:

  • Critical Theory, St Anne’s College
  • Virginia Woolf and Modernism, St Anne’s College
  • English Literature 1910-Present, English Faculty
  • Places and Obsessions, Continuing Education
  • Children’s Literature, English Faculty
  • Science Fiction, Pembroke College
  • Women, Writing, and Mental Illness, St Anne’s College
  • Postmodern Interpretations of the Novel, St Anne’s College

I have also taught Gothic Fiction at Stanford University (Stanford House in Oxford) and Oxford Poetry at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Summer Programme in Oxford).